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Diploma in Human Resource Management

Delivery Mode: : Classes (Face to Face)
Awarding Body: : TGMI
Full Course Content


Diploma in Human Resource Management

Academic Department that will offer/manage the Programme: 

The Guy Morel Institute 

Delivery Mode:

Face-to-face Delivery, Self-Directed Learning, Blended Learning and Work Based Experience

Total Programme Credits:

369.1 Credits (Minimum 3600 Notional Hours) 

Level of the Qualification:

NQF Level 5

Medium of Instruction:


The Diploma in Human Resource Management will have three exit pathways/levels;



  1. Programme Summary


The effective management of an organizations human resources is now recognised as a critical component in the success of both public and private organisations.  The presence of well-trained and highly motivated staff will enable organisations to meet fresh challenges that come from the rapidly changing business environment.  HR has evolved from a Personnel operation dealing with hiring and payment of staff to a function with a wide remit including training, planning, recruitment, management of performance, and retention for corporate development. The recognition of the importance of human resource management has led to a demand for trained and qualified HR professionals.


  1. Overall Programme Objectives

Level 1

The programme aims to multiply the authority and personal skills of learners to be part of operations within organisations and contribute towards organisational development strategy.  Learners will acquire basic professional knowledge and skills as junior officers, which will act as building block for their future roles in their profession. 

Upon successful completion of this level, learners should be able to: 

  • To reinforce the management of Seychelles’ human resources to improve the efficiency and performance of Government.
  • To produce cohorts of competent and confident Seychellois Human Resource (HRM) practitioners.
  • To provide validated training programmes that will address the HRM needs of Seychelles for the next five years. 
  • To promote professionalism and efficiency within the Seychellois HR function and service to change the HR practices from Personnel Management to Human Resource Management.


Level 2-3

Upon completion of these levels, learners should be able to:


  • Understand the essential knowledge and skills that are needed by a human resource practitioner;
  • Develop confidence in their ability to contribute effectively to the formulation, and implementation of the responsibilities of human resource professional;
  • Identify specialist expertise relevant to the various supervisory roles within their organisations;
  • Acquire decision-making skills necessary in project management and analysis of information necessary to organisational management;
  • Assist with the management of Employee records management and staff welfare;
  • Confidently assists with payroll and benefits administration
  • Collaborate with senior colleagues to draft and implement finance and budgeting policies and procedures;
  • Draft policies and assist with the implementation, re-enforcement of policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • Confidently assists with the development of Human Resource Development Plan
  • Communicate effectively orally, written and display effective presentation skills 
  • Show confidence in the applications of the Seychelles’ Labor Laws and ensure compliance to these Laws
  • Confidently develop a project proposal suitable for Human Resource Manage


  1. Target Group

Front line level workers or employees aspiring to be front line Technicians working in private and public organisations and others who require human resource management training at Diploma level. Furthermore, it is for technical personnel moving to managerial positions. Moreover, programme development has evolved and the introduction of pathways within a programme enhances the learner choice of flexibility in managing his/her learning. 


  1. Duration

Learners have a minimum of five to complete the programme, allowing time for re-sits and re-submissions.  Contact sessions are conducted one day per week, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. over the five years,

Diploma in Human Resource Management   

Academic Pathway

  • Mature candidates with any NQF Level 4 accredited Advanced Certificate with 2 years continuous working experience in a relevant field at technician level.

Technical Pathway 

  • Mature candidates who have dropped out of Level 2 of the programme after completing 80 % of the courses successfully with 2 years continuous work experience in a technician / team leader position in a relevant field
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