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About FemBioBiz in Seychelles

The expected impact of the FemBioBiz program in Seychelles is to help increase awareness of bio sciences and entrepreneurship in Seychelles, in collaboration with the National Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation (NISTI). In the process, a group of female entrepreneurs will get the chance to be mentored, improve their products, their business models, and increase their networks locally as well as internationally; this in turn will entice young girls to consider a career in bio entrepreneurship.

The Enterprise Centre within The Guy Morel Institute, has a mentorship program existing already, so it will provide a platform for all participants, winners or not, to be able to join the mentorship program for continuity. The advantage of this is that the participants will get access to various networks and other programs which will make them successful.


Facilitators and Participants of the 2018 FemBioBiz at TGMI

President Faure was welcomed by the Executive Director of the Institute, It was a great opportunity for him to meet and greet the staff.

 The President also met with the management team, where he was briefed on the status and challenges since the demerger from the University of Seychelles.  President Faure expressed his appreciation to the management of TGMI on the good work that the team are doing for the continuous development of our workforce but insisted that there are more to be done.

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