The Guy Morel Institute Facilitates Online Proctored Exams

Besides bringing education online, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a streamlined examination approach which enables universities and other institutions to maintain education continuity and offer students the required flexibility to attempt exams on time, even if the students are off-campus.  Most of the online exams are administered by ‘live online proctor’ services that are contracted by the respective university to ensure that students taking online exams abide by a strict set of rules. In order to sit online proctored exams, students need devices and internet speed that satisfy the system requirements for real-time communication with the exam proctor. 

Taking exams can be stressful and one can have feelings of nervousness before sitting an exam; not to mention not having a conducive environment, workable devices and internet connection for the sitting. That is why The Guy Morel Institute has find it necessary to open its doors to students who as a result of the COVID-19 measures in place have to sit online exams outside their universities. Since last year, TGMI has introduced the Online Connectivity Service to accommodate students seeking a conducive environment to sit their online exam in the comfort of its training rooms with minimal distraction and even students who may have the required devices and internet access but perceive sitting the exams in their homes as an invasion of their privacy and security. The Online Connectivity Service provides a fast and reliable internet service for candidates to engage with their exam proctor at key times in order to sit their exams which might range from allotted times of one to four hours.

Although most online exams are remotely invigilated, TGMI’s Senior Examination Officer, IT Technicians and other staff members are there to welcome and make the candidate feel at ease and comfortable to take the exam, before leaving him or her alone in the training room as required by the university to attempt the exam.  Besides the technologically advanced invigilation techniques such as 360-degree room scans and eye movement tracking used to monitor the student, the room must be free from posters or any other form of writing on the wall; some Universities even request the use of a mirror and TGMI’s training rooms fit those descriptions perfectly.

In addition to the Online Connectivity Service, The Guy Morel Institute offers the Exam Hosting & Invigilation Service to students sitting paper-based (narrative) exams, whereby exams are physically invigilated and supervised as per the respective University’s invigilation rules and regulations. Both services are delivered from Monday to Sunday, upon requests at least one week before the exam scheduled date.

Produced by Kairen Madeleine