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Q and A with Mrs. Lorna Henriette, Senior Librarian and Examination Assistant

Q and A with Mrs. Lorna Henriette, Senior Librarian and Examination Assistant       20220825 151800

1.  How and when did you start your career at The Guy Morel Institute?

 I first joined TGMI in November 2007 when it was the Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM), after seeing an advert back then in the Seychelles Nation newspaper, looking for a Librarian with a degree.  I applied and got the job and was put against the post, as I myself, had no degree qualification. Luckily, I got the chance to follow a degree programme in Librarianship with the University of Northumbria, in UK, which I followed via Distance Learning.  Early 2013, SIM merged with the University of Seychelles (UniSey) and I had to work with both institutions. In 2018, TGMI demerged from the University of Seychelles and became an institution on its own.  Therefore, my employment with the Guy Morel Institute started fresh and to-date I am still working there.


2.  What are your roles as a Senior Librarian?

As the Senior Librarian, I am responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Library, which include diverse responsibilities.  Here are some of my roles and responsibilities:

·       Provide good customer service to library users

·       Help users locate the right information

·       Issue and check out library books

·       Work closely with the faculty to get new study materials for teaching and learning to add to the library

·       Create a conducive and productive work environment

·       Classify and catalogue new library books and update the Library System database accordingly

·       Induct new learners on the different services the library offers

·       Acquire new study materials from overseas suppliers

·       Provide one-on-one referencing tutorial to learners

Besides the Library duties, I also have the role of Examination Assistant.  I assist the Senior Examination Officer in recording online assignment submissions and in the administration of local and international examinations.

I am also the secretary on the TGMI Internal Quality Assurance Committee.

3.  What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My day is quite busy and is divided between both roles, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, I provide assistance to the examination office.  After that, I proceed with my library duties until 4:00 pm.   However, there are days that I invigilate exams.

4. How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?

I can discharge my responsibilities without difficulty.  I like my work very much, as I broaden my knowledge day after day. I meet many people from different occupations and external visitors seeking the services that TGMI offers.  Here at TGMI, we work as a team and I get along well with everyone.  I live the “Ma Joie experience” and at the end of the day, I get good job satisfaction.

5. How would you help a student conduct a research?

I help learners conduct research if they seek my assistance.  It is worth mentioning that it is my responsibility also to teach users how to research, as some find it difficult or time-consuming when searching for the right information; this is where my referencing skills come into play.  I feel gifted to have such skills that I can pass on to library users.  Many would return to thank me after they have done well in their various courses.

6. What plans do you have for the future?

Similar to TGMI’s vision, I want the TGMI Library to be a hybrid library of excellence, by providing quality study resources and services to the users.  I also want to bring in new services like creating a National Research Centre where TGMI collects all research done by Seychellois scholars and researchers.

I am still getting the support and encouragement from TGMI Management to further develop my skills in other areas of expertise.

Last but not least, it is my wish to see the Ministry of Education start training young school leavers to take up Librarianship as a career to replace the existing pool of Librarians.



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