My Joy working at TGMI

I joined The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) in January 2015, at the time when it was a faculty under the University of Seychelles (UniSey). Looking back over the six years that I have been working on TGMI campus, I must say I am lucky and proud to have experienced and contributed to the successful demerging of TGMI from UniSey, creation of TGMI as a chartered autonomous professional center in May 2018 and transformation of TGMI into what it is today.

I never thought that my master’s degree will become useful 10 years later when I embarked on a teaching career at TGMI.  The journey ever since has been one of transformation in all aspects of my life.  This has been made possible through the different training I have been exposed to. For instance, through the Work Life Balance course, I have discovered the knowledge and skills that continuously enables me to manage my work, family life and other commitments as well as have control over and manage my stress level. 

I have benefitted immensely from the abundant and enriching experiences brought about by members of staff and learners from all walks of lives.   To me, it is the conducive teaching and learning environment that exist at TGMI and the passion and enthusiasm I have for my job that  make the delivery of training sessions easy, fun and enriching.

At TGMI, the organisation of works allows for flexibility and management of one’s workloads.  A typical day at TGMI is filled with hard work; planning, delivering sessions, discussing actions, providing solutions amongst others, but this is topped up with lots of ‘camaraderie’ and laughter.

I see TGMI as the ideal place to be and to work, not only because of its spectacular location and landscape but also because of the beautiful people that form part of the TGMI community. It is the place where the values of every member of staff are recognized and strengthened and their talents are recognised and maximised. Also, the team spirit that exists amongst the members of staff allows for a great sense of belonging. Furthermore, the support system spearheaded by our Executive Director is one that many would like to emulate, which in my opinion is crucial for TGMI success.

I consider myself lucky to be working at TGMI alongside a team of interested, devoted and committed individuals from all levels who display professionalism and innovativeness and live the TGMI values. 

I salute the hard work of my Executive Director in inspiring TGMI team to be accountable and take ownership and that of my colleagues who despite the challenges of the new normal, keep striving for success of our beloved TGMI.