The Founder

The Guy Morel Institute Seychelles history and founder.

Mr. Guy Morel (1933 to 2006) was a Seychellois accountant, economist and businessman. Mr. Morel was an influential figure in the Seychelles Government of the 1970s and 1980s when heMr.Guy Morel Seychelles was the Principal Secretary of Finance, the Governor of the Seychelles Central Bank and Chairperson of Air Seychelles.

Mr. Morel was the founder of the Seychelles Institute of Management which later metamorphosed into The Guy Morel Institute.  The Seychelles Institute of Management was created with a focus of building local capacity to achieve “country owned” development. 

Mr. Morel firmly believed that continuous capacity development for Seychellois is the critical component for meaningful country ownership of social development and economic growth.

Mr. Morel was also an advocate of education for the at risk population, especially school dropouts.  He believed that sustained access to meaningful education is critical to long term reduction of inter-generational cycles of poverty, preventive health care, the empowerment of the vulnerable populations, and reductions in inequality.



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