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Signing of TGMI Charter

Wednesday 16 May 2016 becomes a significant date in the history of The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI). After 16 months of preparation and waiting, the new minister for Education and Human Resource Development Minister Jeanne Simeon officially signed into law the Charter for the institute.

The signing reinstate The Guy Morel Institute aka ‘SIM’ as a new corporate body with full autonomy under the same ministry.

The document was signed and handed over to Mrs Shella Mohideen, the prospective Executive Director of TGMI in the presence of the Vice-Chancellor of UniSey Dr. Justin Valentin, PS Dr. Linda Barallon Dr. Odile Decomarmond, CEO of TEC, CEO of the SQA, senior Management staff of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource, Development as well as representatives of the demerger committee at UniSey.

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