Meet your Human Resource Needs

Meet your Human Resource Needs

Notice to Past Students

Notice to Past Students


FemBioBiz phase one participants

Charline Rosie Morel (Sey)

Rosie is a qualified nurse and have worked for the Ministry of Health for over 30 years. She has been doing cottage food processing for 20 years. It started as a hobby grown out of her passion to preserve the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. She realized the commercial potential of her products and started some small scale production batches.  Her products are in high demand and are well appreciated and in response to market demand she has decided to take it to the next level.

Claudette Albert (Sey)


Claudette is a dedicated farmer producing mainly root crops, among which Cassava is featured. Her business is to make cassava biscuits form cassava flour to provide an alternative healthy breakfast choice on the local market. She is seeking investment to use biotechnology to have a prototype that she could patent.


Dorothy Athanase (Sey)


A nurse by profession, Dorothy is passionate about gardening. Being a nurse, she is absolutely health conscious and recognizes the need for more home grown gardens. She would like to produce fertile soil for farmers that would be immediately ready for use. She is seeking local support to start producing commercially.


Nadine Bourbeau (Mau)

 Nadine, an ex-instructor of food and nutrition, is a dynamic young entrepreneur, owner and Director of Exo Foodstuff ltd, a company producing different flavor of sauces which does not only offers amazing flavor but provides good nutrition. There are 7 creative fruit based chili sauces in her collection and she is looking to expand. Nadine is a National Women entrepreneur council member in Mauritius. 

Ingrid Moustache (Sey)


Ingrid is currently studying at The Seychelles Maritime academy, and although a bit shy has decided to register in this project so that she can have the possibility to enhance her capacity to take indigenous knowledge and commercialize it. Her business idea is to explore medicinal use of Indian Borage, to make tea together with citronelle and honey.


Eva Georges (Sey)

 Eva’s project idea is to produce tea out of soursop leaves, and juice or ice cream with soursop fruit as a supplement to help with prevention of cancer or alleviate the pain of cancer patients. Eva is currently as student at The Seychelles Maritime Academy. Eva has a personal story which related to this disease like many people in Seychelles and this project is very close to her heart. She is seeking support to help her produce the two products from her ideas.

 Kushboo Bilar (Mau)

 Kushboo is a student at The University of Mauritius and currently working on her dissertation where she is exploring the idea of making sugar crystals out of Stevia leaves. She would like to explore the sweetening power of these leaves which is between 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. She is forewing that this will help with diabetes problems in her country.

Telcy Estrale (Sey)


A student from The Seychelles Agricultural Agency, Telcy is passionate about helping people with obesity, a chronic disease which is affecting many Seychellois, even people from her own family. Telcy would like to make smoothies from Lemon and Parsely in two different flavours to help people lose weight. She has tried making the smoothies at home and would require support to produce commercially and test the market.


Yesha Chella (Mau)

 Yesha, a student from The University of Mauritius has an idea to produce healthy juices from residual stems of banana after harvest. She is currently studying the positive health benefits if this extract for her dissertation. She is also exploring the possibility of mixing these extract to other fruit juices. She is expecting that the project would bring many health benefits to people of Mauritius.

Sharon Telemaque (Sey)

 Sharon, a journalist by profession has decided to register for this project because she has always been passionate to enhance capacity building of women in society. She is part of an NGO striving to support women of Perseverance district to have home grown gardens and eventually turn this into a viable corporative. Sharon has been able to set this project with the support from a grant, and is now seeking further support to sustain this social entrepreneurship endeavour.

Jenita Desir & Rose-Mary Elisabeth (Sey)


Jenita and Rose-Mary belong to an NGO which has as its vision to minimize and or reduce environmental health matters in our country by making waste a business. This is to be done by collecting plastic and other wastes and turning them into valuable objects. This will result in having a healthy and secure environment. They share the belief that the removal of non-biodegradable wastes in the environment will reduce breeding grounds for disease-carrying vermin such as rats and mosquitoes.


Elsia Pierre (Sey)

 Elsia has two passions; singing and gardening. Previously a very famous singer in Seychelles she now looks to her other passion to produce value added products from traditional medicinal plants. She has decided to start with arrowroot, a famous plant in Seychelles used to make baby food and traditional medicine. She would like to promote the benefits of this indigenous knowledge while also commercialising it. She would like to have financial support to build a small factory to make custard from arrowroot for babies as well as the elderly people.

Ingrid Saurer (Sey)

To create a selection of pure, organic, chemical free beauty and skin care products using natural produce and resources available locally in an effort to provide exceptional products to our customers and give back the community. This is the vision of the ‘Belliche’ brand which Ingrid is creating. Ingrid is a yoga teachers and so is attracted with all activities and things which promote good health and wellbeing.

Nicolette Bamboche (Sey)


Turning fish waste into fertilizer is what Nicolette’s business is about. She wishes that her company becomes the leading organic fish fertilizer producer in the region. Nicolette works at Air Seychelles for the moment, and she would like to solve the problem of fish waste in the country by turning it into a business opportunity. She has previously produced the fertilizer which she has tested at home, and now she is seeking to produce commercially.

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